Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Deferred Virtual Texture Shading 2

I just read a post on EntherTheSingularity about some variations on a new technique that's roughly based on deferred rendering.
Basically they can work with transparent surfaces and can let you render the lighting at a lower resolution (saving fillrate), which works because lighting is usually rather low frequency anyway.
This made me realize a couple of things about my "Deferred Virtual Texture Shading" idea that i mentioned in a Previous post.
The good:
  • Since we're rendering in texture space we can render lighting at a lower resolution. We could still combine it with albedo at a higher resolution (probably at render time). Yay!
The bad:
  • Rendering in texture space can cause light leaks, which would be bad. So texturing geometry (or filtering) would have to take edges into account. Ouch ...