Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mesh optimizations

The last couple of (work)days I've been working on some code to optimize meshes generated by my CSG algorithm, which now works in Unity. 

I'm quite pleased with the results. From 2073 vertices and 6951 triangles to 536 vertices and 2340 triangles. A pain to debug though :)

It's actually a heavily updated version of the CSG algorithm I blogged about/written articles on.. the new version is much faster.

Voxel world experiment update

Found some time to work on voxel experiment again. (Well I actually did this months ago, I just never got around to post about it)
Implemented AZDO (approaching zero driver overhead) techniques, frame rendering time is now about half a millisecond. I'm still CPU limited because of all the chunks I'm generating though.
Also implemented weighted blended order independent transparency, which looks a bit worse, but doesn't take any CPU power and solves some visual artifacts, related to triangle sorting, that would've taken a lot of effort to work around.
Added a couple of small things like swimming (very rough) and waves in the water.
I can also now live edit the Voxel world from within the 'game'.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

git merge drivers + multiple platforms / IDE's

One problem with working on multiple platforms is that each platform usually has it's own preferred IDE & it's own project file formats. A solution I often see in open source software is to use makefiles and generate the project files for different platforms. That works, but it's not very convenient that you have to manually add files to a makefile.

So I was wondering, what if each platform had it's own GIT merge driver that parses the project file format for the preferred IDE/text editor on that platform and then patches the project files for the other platforms?

You'd still need some way to make sure that other platforms don't end up compiling files platform specific files for another platform heh. In theory it could mean that you could just use any IDE you'd want on any platform and it would 'just work'..

Just a crazy random thought.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game meta post

Over the years I've created this large list of game ideas, some of which are just some random game mechanics, others settings, story elements or more developed stories.

I noticed that when talking to friends and random people I've met over the years that one of these ideas consistently silences the people around me, people staring at me not realizing their yaw has dropped.

It's an idea I'd love to develop into a full game, but unfortunately it's not an idea that would work well with a tiny team. It would simply be too large a project for <10 persons, even in it's most simplified form. It's also very story heavy and it would definitely require help from someone who has more experience fleshing out stories & dialogues.

Unfortunately I can't describe the idea in such a public forum, since that would make it harder to actually make a game out of it, since it'd be already out there.

So I'm not sure what to do with this. How to form a large enough team (with the right people) to make something like this? How to fund this team? How did other people do this?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Oculus rift + mouse control experiment II

Added Mecanim animations to model to animate legs (not exactly great animations right now, but good enough to show that it's possible). Also scaled head to near 0 to make sure that you don't see pieces from the inside of the head when you rotate the view using the Oculus rift. (thanks for the suggestion Merlijn Van Holder!)

Update: I noticed that the oculus rift neck model has a serious flaw: it rotates the eyes around the neck, as if your eyes where in the back of your head, instead of the font. So when you, for instance, rotate your head to look at your right shoulder, your eyes are way back on your left shoulder. I'm assuming this will not be an issue anymore when the DK2 arrives ...

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gunship X coming to PS4 & Playstation vita!

Oculus rift + mouse control experiment

Just a simple experiment on how to control a gun inside 
a game like setting using a mouse together with the oculus rift. 

I obviously used Unity here together with some plugins from the unity asset store.
The camera is placed inside the models head, I just used a model from some unity mecanim example.

The head is moved using IK. Ideally the head would not be rendered at all, but mecanim is a complete black box and only exposes a limited amount of it's internals.
So as far as I can see it's impossible to not render the head without actually creating a model without a head.

I should be able to animate the legs using mecanim, but I haven't tried that yet.
You would then be able to see yourself walk :)

The hand is also moved using IK, unfortunately mecanim doesn't allow me to modify the position of the elbow and it moves inside the character, which is unfortunate.

It's surprisingly easy to aim this way ... as long as you have that 'laser pointer' that is :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Gunship X

My new game, Gunship X has been released on the iOS app store!

The game is basically a spiritual successor to our previous game, Zombie Gunship. Since we didn't have the rights anymore to Zombie Gunship, this game doesn't have any zombies in them. 

Instead we have Starship Troopers inspired bugs and in this game they shoot back! 

It's a very intense action game that will get your adrenaline pumping :) The learning curve might be a bit steep, that's one of the things we're addressing in the next update. It will also include a lot of new content.