Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Through Google Buzz, Bryan McNett mentioned Ptex to me, which I missed somehow.

It's an interesting approach to texture a model without having to use any parameterization.
Now obviously this has been written with Renderman in mind, but I'm pretty sure it could be used in an art-pipeline which would triangulate the subdivision surfaces somewhere in the art pipeline (or use dx11), and put all the texturing into a virtual texture.
Obviously it would waste some texture space, but it would sure make the life of artists a lot easier.
It'll free up time for them to do what they do best; art!

Still working on the next part of my real-time CSG articles but I need my test code to work flawlessly on all my test cases (and there are oh so many of them), and debugging a full CSG implementation takes *a lot* of time I'm afraid.