Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jet lag sucks

WWDC 2012
I went to WWDC and it was great, met a lot of really interesting people, saw California for the first time and for the first time ever the whole programming side of the Zombie Gunship team was together in the same place.
So since we never actually properly celebrated our successful launch, we sort of, celebrated it's birthday, or us being together (or something along those lines):
The cake (not lying!)
We had some Zombie Gunship shirts made (I'll try to find a good picture later) and people where constantly asking if we made Zombie Gunship, I must admit that made me feel a little bit like a rock-star! It's probably more like an Indie rock-star though, only known in very select small circles, and we're indie game developers after all, but anyway ..

The flight back home with it's 2 stops and flying over 9 time-zones sucks. (I hate jet-lag)
But it's nice to be back home, I missed my wife & daughter.