Friday, February 22, 2013

Voxel world update

Just showing my streaming voxel world experiment. I've been working on this off and on for about a year or so while I'm not working on the project that will actually pay the bills (which I can't actually talk about right now). These are some videos that I recorded some time ago ..

The voxel experiments that I wrote about before where written in C#, this one in C++ so I could have more low level control. Transparency is sorted at the block level. Still need to implement inner block sorted transparency (which can be pre-sorted, mostly, just need to implement it).

Physics is also done at the block level, still need to implement sub-block physics. Fluid physics still needs to be implemented (so you can swim) and air physics definitely still needs a lot of tweaking! Also lighting is calculated on the fly, lighting is not cached on disk yet.

There's also a small mip-mapping bug in this video (which has already been fixed) where tiles that belong to each other (glass and glass borders) aren't processed together so their transparency is slightly different at different mips.

And yeah next time I'll record a movie I'll get a bandicam license first :)