Monday, February 24, 2014

Voxelization meshes

Just a random thought;
If the future is going to be using voxelization to perform real time indirect lighting / glossy reflections etc. (using techniques such as voxel cone tracing). And for a moment ignoring that this might not be ready for prime time just yet. Wouldn't it then make sense to have lower resolution 'voxelization meshes', just like we have different meshes for collision detection? Since the voxelized world representation is an approximation anyway? It might save a lot of cycles (at the cost of memory) ..

On the other hand, the static meshes could probably be pre-voxelized, and the most dynamic meshes would be skinned meshes .. which would require you to skin the same character twice with two different meshes? Might still be worth it if the voxelization representation is simple enough ..