Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Oculus rift + mouse control experiment

Just a simple experiment on how to control a gun inside 
a game like setting using a mouse together with the oculus rift. 

I obviously used Unity here together with some plugins from the unity asset store.
The camera is placed inside the models head, I just used a model from some unity mecanim example.

The head is moved using IK. Ideally the head would not be rendered at all, but mecanim is a complete black box and only exposes a limited amount of it's internals.
So as far as I can see it's impossible to not render the head without actually creating a model without a head.

I should be able to animate the legs using mecanim, but I haven't tried that yet.
You would then be able to see yourself walk :)

The hand is also moved using IK, unfortunately mecanim doesn't allow me to modify the position of the elbow and it moves inside the character, which is unfortunate.

It's surprisingly easy to aim this way ... as long as you have that 'laser pointer' that is :)