Thursday, June 18, 2009

Deferred Virtual Texture Shading 3

Just realized another good property of my "Deferred Virtual Texture Shading" idea:
  • Anti-aliasing is not a problem with this technique because all the shading occurs in texture space, and the rendering is 'simply' just rendering geometry with one (or two) textures ;)
  • Update: Also, if we render our lights in texture space, we can't use proxy meshes to only render light to the pixels that are visible to both the light and the camera. To reduce this disadvantage we could have some sort of octtree/hashed grid/whatever to determine which texture-pages are 'hit' by the light and only redraw those. If we also take page-mipping into account, and only redraw the part of the mip that holds the page we're touching we actually get the "the smaller the light is, the less pixels we process" advantage of deferred lighting back.
  • Update 2: Another interesting property is that smoothing the lighting over a surface to make it look as if it's more curved than it actually is would be much easier in texture-space..
I really need to allocate some time and try to implement this technique ...