Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Deferred Virtual Texture Shading 4

Reading a post at gameangst made me realize yet some more advantages to my "Deferred Virtual Texture Shading" (*sigh* i really need to think of a better name for this!) idea:
  • It's possible to exclude/include objects from the influence of lights, this makes it easier to make sure that you won't have light bleeding through walls when a light doesn't actually cast any shadows.
Some time soon i'm going to try this idea out.


  1. This may be similar to what you describe:

    He calls it dynamic light mapping. I'm calling it dynamic surface caching ;). Its very simple proof of concept implementation of what you describe because it recalculates the lighting for all surfaces every time the light is moved, so its not necessarily real time.

    It could be combined with some quick way to mask texels not visible in the current view and those not affected by the light in question. Of course doing this in texture space makes this masking out especially difficult. Maybe you need a virtual high-stencil culling scheme ;)

  2. I completely forgot about that humus demo!
    But yes it's somewhat similar. The biggest difference is that i'm combining it with a virtual/mega texture, and creating the lightmaps at a page level, which means i don't need to update multiple mip-levels, nor do i need to calculate the lightmap at full resolution when the surface is further away in the distance.


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