Sunday, July 26, 2009

Time Allocation Failure Exception

The plan was like this.

My parents have a second house in clermont-ferrand which they bought from the money they had left when they moved to a smaller home when my brother and i started living on our own.
I was going to spend two weeks there together with my parents, my wife and my daughter.
After those two weeks i would go home (i have a job after all), and my wife and daughter would stay there with my parents and go home with them another two weeks after that.
Two heavingly, having breakfast, lunch & diner behind your computer coding weeks. The week before we would go my wife was complaining that i was spending too much time behind my computer and suggested i would simply do some more work in those two weeks instead.
In theory..

Ofcourse i didn't get almost any time to program when i was there, and then the day before i was supposed to go home alone we got a call.
My aunt got a 'cerebral infarct' (mild one, but still very scary and serious stuff obviously).
So the next day we all went home.