Thursday, August 7, 2014

Game meta post

Over the years I've created this large list of game ideas, some of which are just some random game mechanics, others settings, story elements or more developed stories.

I noticed that when talking to friends and random people I've met over the years that one of these ideas consistently silences the people around me, people staring at me not realizing their yaw has dropped.

It's an idea I'd love to develop into a full game, but unfortunately it's not an idea that would work well with a tiny team. It would simply be too large a project for <10 persons, even in it's most simplified form. It's also very story heavy and it would definitely require help from someone who has more experience fleshing out stories & dialogues.

Unfortunately I can't describe the idea in such a public forum, since that would make it harder to actually make a game out of it, since it'd be already out there.

So I'm not sure what to do with this. How to form a large enough team (with the right people) to make something like this? How to fund this team? How did other people do this?